Wednesday, June 2, 2010

his smile ♥

when i walk there
i saw him
for our glance towards each other
he giving his smile
and i was hesitate to catch with the eye
is it mean love
or is it just lust
upon the moment just passing by..
when i was there
he look at me
with the same curve under his nose
pointed to me
there i saw
his smile..
when it is time to go
i can feel it
the look
and the glance
from that eye
telling me
to catch the moment
for one more time
the feeling deep inside
touched by
his smile..
when time to time
look can barely change
memory can barely kept
the beat of the heart can barely stop
then it is told
that his smile were still there..
until the next time
pass through
then our smile get together
hopefully it last forever..