Tuesday, June 29, 2010

who is he?

suddenly recall..
about this guy..
~knows him a long time ago~
how can I describe him..?

he is..
just like ..
the John Tucker ..
~this reminds me of him~
in the movie John Tucker Must Die..
have you watch that movie?

the movie is in 2006 actually..
an old movie yet
inspiring ..haha

by the way..
I've actually met this kind of guy
an interesting guy..
know how to get the heart in..
~ya..just like the John Tucker!!~
and some might call him handsome..

~just..like him..~

but for me..
he is just
a guy..
who ..for that moment of my age
I truly hope
that my appearance in his life
give him some sparks
some..'shock' that..
he never feel
with the other girls...

am I success with that?
~stands for I Don't Know~
but somehow..
he shows me that
deep down in him
he's there..
there for love
there for trust
there for ..me

is it just me..
or he is just..
be honest
and open himself to me?

or..just ..
like the John Tucker?
cannot be trusted..
cannot be serious..
and just...
cannot be the one?

what am I thinking?
it's in the past..
is it..?

hey..chill yo'
don't get me wrong..
nothing serious..
just recalling my memory..