Thursday, June 10, 2010

he left us...yesterday

Yesterday was a sad day for Hj Omar's family
as the only son left in the siblings
that is known in the family with nickname Ajid
his fullname is Suwandi Yazid bin Hj Omar
passed away at 5.00 am
on 9 Jun 2010
in Unit Rawatan Rapi (ICU), Hospital Kajang.
cause of death are multi organ failure and chest injury due to
motor vehicle accident ~ info diambil dari surat kematian~

He was one of two my favourite uncles
now I only have 1 left since he is gone
he is from my mum's family side
the other 1 is from my dad's..

The moment that make me so sad
is the time
when he is still conscious
and that was the last..
~at that time he is still in Hospital Slim River,Perak~

I went there with family
entering the ICU ward with mum only
as we go in
we saw him lying there
with his wife beside him
talk a lil bit with his wife ~auntie Rozaini~
then my mum look at him
and asked how is he doing
give him courage smile and words
then my mum give way to me
to meet him
as I look at him
I hold his hand with my left hand
and he hold my hand too
my tears burst down my cheek
tried to cover my ugly-duckling-crying-face
with my right hand
I didn't let go his hand
he clasped my hand
and there i saw
his tears
my mum pat my back
to calm me down
I let go his hand gently
with a..what should i say..
a smile.. just to tell him
"You should be strong
we love you.."

Then few days after ..
got news from my auntie
that my uncle has been transferred
to Hospital Kajang

His journey on survival
has been stated
that he couldn't make it

So..he left us..

*Semoga tenang roh mu di sana
dengan harapan ditempatkan
di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman
yang disayangi dan diredhai Allah*