Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a peak of my heart


if i want to trade Bunny with this..?haha


hey..I'm talking to You

yes..I am..

it's true.. :D

when You make my day..thank You
when hard time comes

still it is..
so..come near me...
(do I have to asked?)

before it is too late..

and don't be afraid..I won't do that to You

You would say that..?aww..so sweet.. *blushing* haha
it is deep

for any good reasons ..

feels like falling from the sky everyday..(with Bunny too?)

sorry when I can't help to control myself
(especially when it comes to food)..miahaha

but then, still want You too

It's pointed to me..actually.. (-.-")

like us..isn't it? ngehehehe

so I kept the drawing.. (~.*)

I replace it with "cekodok"..can ah?

to be honest..I maybe..look like this when I can't find Bunny..

I am that brave..even it might hurt me back

the prove..as You may see now..

floating in the air..so the anchor really help *wink wink*

put the blame on my hands..

am I that scary to You..? sorry..