Tuesday, June 15, 2010

another peak of my heart

as it always do..

when it is not as what expected

as long as You are protected


and when close the eyes..i saw You

when life slow as the snail..I will just say Hello

and I'm happy with it..

always..so You will know without doubt

I hate to asked that question.. eventhough I have to

guess why?

ya..that's why I have plenty of it

erk..do You know what have I done to myself?

sunshine!!! :D

as if don't wanna let go..

but why they are all over?

and when it's my turn..I hide under the sky..

so true..

understand what I need? or should I say it to You?

answer that..I'm waiting

thank You for that question..You got my answer..

we don't have to be like this..

it is sad when You want something but You just can't..

a hole in me..

I really do..even I don't say it much

my craziness..

is this how You feel?like You told me before?

the feeling inside

haha..isn't that so obvious?

don't have to be that fierce..when mistakes are done..ait

dare me..hahaha :P