Monday, June 25, 2012

Photo: HiT Like If You Agree :( :(

Photo: LIKE if you've ever trusted the wrong person. :(

Sunday, June 24, 2012

those people keep hurting me..
when I keep treating them as good as much as I can
in the name of love
upon the permission of Allah.

but what do I get?
those people say they will never took me for granted as the previous people did it?

damn you all..
I just..can't..
I just can't be that cool anymore
can't afford to lie to myself that everything gonna be OK
that everything have a hidden miracle behind what had happen.

Is it so hard to be nice when I do good to you?'m not that good, right?
those bitches much more better, right.. will never be much OK than this.

I shouldn't trust 
no..I cannot say that..
who am I to say something like that..

I just.. can't..
can't even..
how I wish I can
keep silent..
and never wake up to face all this again.
tired..I am tired..
I am
just started

Sorry doesn't change is just a simple word that means nothing if no action are taken along with it.. you have hurt someone, who trusted you..don't you ashamed of yourself for doing so?

I was wrong..I hate it when I try to prove you are worth it but you just prove me wrong..
I gave chances so many many times but you just ought to be worthless..
How I wish karma will hit you hard that You knew that you have done all wrong.
Said you love me but then you're sorry for not being able to do that, to do this..bla,bla,bla
but hey, as I said, that words cannot change a thing..just can't.
You wanna talk about 'dosa' is it? SIN if we pronounce it in english.
You just too much of dramas..

just nice.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sayang..I rindu YOU...thanks for loving me all this while..I hope we'll be together..somehow..somewhere..someday..

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I saw what you's different than what you have said to me before, what you had promised..
you are liar..yes, you are. I'm not judging you based on what you have said but based on what you have done. Action speaks louder than words..remember that..bye.double bye.