Saturday, February 25, 2012

YOU who read this
whatever in your mind about me,my life and whatever I'm going through
I don't need your comments, your concern, whatever that involve YOU
so please..get off from my back
I'm tired as it feels like YOU keep hanging on's 'heavy' YOU know.
it's my life..
I wanna feel sad, I wanna feel happy, I wanna feel everything as long as I can
I'm the one who make that decision
and please think before YOU say anything about me.
I'm glad I can feel the sadness so at least I know 
who's the one who fake
who's the one is not..
don't misunderstand me and my life
it is not because of YOU its happpen
its happen because of what my GOD have set for me
and I'm glad, I live in it..

I'm glad I can feel the happiness after the sadness
because at least I know how to appreciate that happiness
YOU know, life it is not always positive
and I don't even want it to be that perfect without the negative
so please..please..please..
even if YOU still in love with me , hate me or whatever
please..mind your own life k sweetie?
Just rilex..and enjoy the view of life..
we always do..wish YOU all the best in your life..too.
Thank YOU for reading this. 

p/s: oh btw..I'm still happy actually..
whatever that I wrote in this blog for past entries
that is dedicated to my ..erm..what we called, 
(and certainly not YOU, even YOU are my ex
but YOU are getting married in this May 2012 right?)
but that doesn't mean I deleted my certain entries about my current love life
means I've done with him.
It's just that, I don't want YOU to get involved.
as Malay saying "tak payah amik tahu lah, boleh?"
Fokus kat bakal bini YOU tu je..kan lagi elok.
Kalau tak kang, nanti cemburu kat I,
dia cari pasal dengan I pula. 
YOU mesti tak nak kan..I pun.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

apa yang two one tu?
usia blog ni..
my number..

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


badan makin tak sihat
nafas makin perlahan
apa nak buat?
pura-pura tak ingat
sambil hati paksa tahan
sebab bila jatuh nanti
kena bangun sendiri
tak ada yang jadi superman dan-dan sampai di sisi..

sakit..nafas makin perlahan..
sorang-sorang menahan perasaan
tertutup mata konon lena
cuba tipu pada siapa sebenarnya?
dan nafas ku makin perlahan..
tahan..sakit ku tahan..
cuba senyum ikhlas menawan
pada kenyataan..

Saturday, February 18, 2012

bulu burung itu

burung terbang pergi
terbang tinggi tinggi
tinggi tak kembali
even pada memori
yang hanya melukai
hati itu kena hati hati
jangan terpedaya lagi
oleh dia yang tak menghargai

hanya tinggal di sini
bulu burung itu
bye bye burung



I will be that thin..soon.
I know.

you have no idea how hard it

I feel like everything i do

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