Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Lesson

There's a couple who always sent sms to each other
the girl will sms the boy and so do him
the same routine everyday
with the same questions
such as "how are you"
or " have you eat already"
or "i love you"
"I miss you"
"I always need you"
"Been dreaming about you and us"

and the boy will answer all the questions to his girl
with the same answer till he got bored..

One day,
the boy received a sms from his girl
assuming that it is just the same msg he always get
so he decided to read it later.
But, as time goes..he forgot and then go to sleep
without thinking that he might forget something important.

On the next day,
the girl's mum called him
and tell him that
his girl was raped and murdered yesterday.

The boy was so shocked to hear the news and he cried
then he remembered the msg he received and open to read it.
The girl msg him :
" Hubby, where are you? I'm scared. There's a stranger following me at my back. I need you to come here right now. Please..I need you.."

The boy was so frustrated. He knew he could save his girl if he didn't ignore the msg. He knew he would do anything to protect her. He was so dissapointed of himself but nothing can be done now. It is too late. He wish, if only..he could turn back time, he will never ignore his girl especially when the time she really need him. He will never took her for granted because now..he lose someone that he love just because he ignore her even for only few hours...

p/s: So..the lesson of this story is..we must appreciate our loved one no matter what, as long as HE/SHE loves u.


Anonymous said...

slamat hari raya..maaf atas segala kesalahan sy atas awk..kalu awk free dtg a umah..2 pun kalu awk ingat..ok la..salam