Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Interesting Things

Remember the entry I post before about things that impressed us in some ways?
You can read it here.
And now, the other things that we would like to have.. (n.n)

A biscuit that you can lay on it..haha. It is actually a pillow..
yeah, you can dream to eat.. (^.^)

It is nice to bring the umbrella that look like this..
an umbrella looks like a sword might come handy for protection
especially for women..

Now, we all can just go to sleep without the noise of the tv channel..

Diapers jeans..isn't that cool?

Guess what it is? it is the prefabricated tables!
You can press the lever and they raised by themselves.
You can pick up one, two or all three tables.
You just need more chairs.
But that's not a can sit at tables.

It is a very practical chair
because when you need a it is.
when you need two’s them too.
when you need three chairs and benches, here it is there!
it is quick to assemble and also quick to disassemble.. as needed.

You can just smile
when your toaster make it easy for you..

When there's a fly disturbing you
don't worry..go get the flyswatter and just
'delete' it!

heyy..that man doesn't wear his shirt!
hold on..
this is just an ordinary leather jacket, for God’s sake!

Pac-man cute

In these vessels, which one is the salt and in which is pepper?
you decide it.. (^.^)

a beautiful lamp..

Guess what it is for? of course to take notes!

food drawing..
hope the kids will love to eat more after this..

hey..square ice just not 'IN" anymore..
so you can change to this.

Pretending to be a prince that fight the villain
or you can just fight with the food..haha