Sunday, February 7, 2010


miss him..nak dia balik,sangat..he is my lil boyfriend that always wanted me to be beside him..feed him ..
he will look at me with his round eyes when i'm talking to him..
selalu buat i happy,senyum,panggil nama dia datang,
tengok i dekat je tempat dia dia dah tunggu i,spent time together,
pagi-pagi dah tengok dia,belai dia sampai tidur,suap makan..
nak tidur pun tengok dia dulu kat sangkar..
eventhough he is just a rabbit,
he knew what i want and know how to make me happy..
nak dia balik...nak dia balik.. ;'( are my first lil boyfriend that i would never forget you and i don't think anyone can replace you in my heart..i see you in my dreams and i miss you so much.. ~


To overcome my sadness...i found this and read it..just wanna share with you if you have some of this kind of experience too..

taken from:
Grieving The Loss Of Your Pet Rabbit

After shock and disbelief, you may feel a sense of guilt at the death of your pet rabbit. It's not an unusual feeling. After all, your pet rabbit depended completely upon you. You feel like you let him down.

Please do not be too hard on yourself.

Chances are that nothing you did caused your rabbit's death. If you were able to keep your rabbit alive for several months, then your care was adequate.

If your rabbit died shortly after you brought him home, he may have failed to make an adjustment or stressed simply from the move.

While I do think that it is a good idea to go over your care routine with someone knowledgeable about rabbits before you get a new rabbit, I do not think that blaming yourself for the rabbit's death is a good idea.

Certainly anyone who cares enough to read about grief and loss of their rabbit cared enough not to purposely hurt their pet bunny.

If you do discover some care issue that needs to be changed, you still don't need to be too hard on yourself. There is much misinformation about rabbit care. Do not let guilt interfere with your ability and entitlement to grieve your loss.

I lost a beloved rabbit, The Nature Trail's Bette, when our feed company had to recall feed. I spent a week dissolving her pellets in Pedialyte and force feeding them to her. When I found out about the recall, I realized I had been making her eat the contaminated pellets all week. When she died, I experienced a great deal of guilt along with the grief.

I still miss her and find my eyes tearing as I write about her death even now.

Why Did My Rabbit Die?
Sometimes the answer is very clear. Pet rabbits can be killed by neighborhood dogs (whether they can touch them or not) or die after a diagnosis at the vet. Perhaps your rabbit was very old. Other times, you find your rabbit suddenly dead from no apparent reason.

Unfortunately, your only chance for an answer may be to have a necropsy performed on your rabbit. Your rabbit may have died from a spider bite, heart failure, renal failure, cancer, pneumonia, or many other things far beyond your control. A necropsy may not be able to give you a specific cause of death, but it should narrow the possibilities down to which body system was affected.

He Was Just A Rabbit - I'm Being Silly
Don't let anyone convince you that you are silly to grieve the loss of your pet rabbit. He or she meant a great deal to you and/or your family. He was part of your life and part of your daily routine. Pets provide love and affection, entertainment and diversion, and allow you to feel the joy of providing care to another being. They are warm and furry, cute and loveable. You will miss that. And you have a right to your grief.

How Then Do I Grieve?
Grieving takes a period of time. No one can tell you how long you will or should grieve, but you should be in no hurry to skip over it.

Do not give in to the temptation to replace your pet right away. Give yourself and your family time to grieve.

Grieving takes time, but time alone is not sufficient for grief. Grieving is more active than that.

One of your first responses may be to cry. If it is, then let the tears fall. And you are entitled to as many cries as you need or want to help you express your sadness.

Some people can talk about their feelings easily. If you are one of those, find someone you trust and ask them if you can talk about your pet for awhile. Tell them they don't have to say anything back, if they don't want to. Talk about the wonderful times you had together or about how much it hurts to be without your pet. Confess any guilt you may feel and then let it go.