Thursday, February 18, 2010

the bond..

..there's no feeling attach to it..there's no string attach between it..why?i don't know why..but it seems like those words are crucial to these particular moments..i hate it..when i know i can't avoid it..can somebody help me?no..i shouldn't depends on others..i only have myself to depend on..but i should i know if i strong enough to face it?u just have got no choice.. even if it means that i'm not gonna be happy about it?yes..maybe you will never be happy about it but you have no choice..stick that in your your will always face this kind of situation..this kind of moments..that hurt you..that test you..that maybe,make you stronger in ways that u never know..or maybe it make you weaker you just have to ..keep walking..keep breathing..until the times come..and release you forever..for eternity ..eventhough you will never into that bond.. ~xoxo~