Saturday, June 9, 2012

YOU are a liar..I saw YOU

I saw what you's different than what you have said to me before, what you had promised..
you are liar..yes, you are. I'm not judging you based on what you have said but based on what you have done. Action speaks louder than words..remember that..bye.double bye. 


haziq said...

everything happen for a reason..ask nicely for that reason..people wont lie to u if their had no reason..btw how are u?harap u sihat..keje ok?sory kalu ganggu..minggu ari selasa lepas i ade buat kenduri skit kat umah..ingat nak ajak u tp no u takde plak..hermm..btw take care..salam..

haziq said...

i hope it wasn't me..