Thursday, March 17, 2011

the beast

To the man ... 
that could be my other half

i just want you to know
even if you are the beast
or beastly
i would still love you with all of my heart
and u'll be the prince charming in my eyes
you know why?
that's what important to me

i'll be your beauty
i'll be with you
you don't have to worry
i'll love you
i will always love you
as long as you love me too
and we shall have our happy ending.

but where are you?
i need you
i really..truly missing you right now
sometimes i felt that
i can't wait any longer
for you to come and save me from this misery
like i'm captured/trapped in a secret chamber
and keep waiting for you to come

prince charming..
my other half..
where are you..
i need you..
my heart keep calling for you
don't you feel it?
don't you hear it?
love..please come
i miss you
i need you
i love you

p/s: if this is my beast would look like..i'll always and do love much!