Sunday, September 11, 2011

save me

Can somebody me?
Kill me or anything so that I can die and go to heaven?
I wanna get married in heaven..and be happy in there.
I don't wanna live and make much more sin with/without I realize. me
 what else should I do?
 I'm tired, hardly breath, hardly survive
 make me strong if I'm destined to be test like this always.
  My other half..where are you?
  'they' always told me that if we are meant to be, we are
  but where are you?
  please come now and save me..
  I don't wanna be in this games of life anymore.
  enough playing..enough involving..
   Myself ..deep down..the strong one..
  why aren't you coming out now?
  or do you choose not to come out anymore?
  you always be the tough ones
  save me now..for thee weak are dying..somehow.

~mengarut sangat dah ni.okbai~