Sunday, November 28, 2010

Please heart..stop crying

Why on earth I can't stop crying
thinking about him
do I miss him so much?
yes I am..
do I afraid of him?
I don't know..I just don't know what to do

Please heart..
stop crying
please tears..
don't come out
and run through my cheek
please girl
behave and be strong..
please love
understand me..

Oh my goodness
I just can't stop crying
is it because I'm in my period?
or is it because
I just
miss him
I just
remember what he said to me
I just
don't know what to do..

Please heart
control yourself
don't let me be like this
don't let me look like this
I am ugly when crying
I am worse when sobbing
I am lost when in tears..

Please heart
kept it deep down
Please heart
bare it always
Please heart
don't do this to me
Please heart
I know you stronger than this
Please heart
I know you miss him
Please heart
just..please..stop crying..

~if tears could make us pretty
I'd be the prettiest girl alive~